Top-13 releases of 2014

In no particular order, endorse in good evil spirits:

Opéra Mort - Dédales (Alter)
School Shootings - School Shootings (Casual Punks)
D. Edwards - Teenage Tapes (The Death Of Rave)
Steve Gunn - Way Out Weather (Paradise Of Bachelors)
Sam Gas Can - I Sat Around Today (Crash Symbols)
Horsebladder / Farewell My Concubine - After You / American Telepathic Scumbag (Hot Releases)
Big Blood - Unlikely Mothers (Blackest Rainbow)
La Race - 4 cm De Mon Amour (tanzprocesz, Animal Biscuit, Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu?)
Acid Baby Jesus - Selected Recordings (Slovenly Recordings)
Tom Kovacevic - Universe Thin As Skin (Immune)
Olivia Neutron-John - Injury Train And I'm Never Getting Off It / Vulnerability (Gilgongo Records)
Hatchers - S/T (Heat Retention Records, Send Help)
Jack Ruby - Hit And Run (Saint Cecilia Knows / Feeding Tube) 


Post-World announcement


PHR-111 SKULL KATALOG - Post-World Order 1-sided C32
First post-Sewn Leather delivery by Griffin Pyn. Five tracks of similar no-end, no-future apocalyptical beats, scuzzy noise and signature hard boiled, demonic vocals. The new style is more strict, more pumped-up and features extra leading by two-string electric guitar. It sounds like the world has come to an end and it's time to realize. Dive in the swamp.
Tour-only edition of 22 copies in b&w cardboard j-cards and handlabelled tapes.

PHR-110 FRANCE SAUVAGE - Το Μικρό Κορίτσι από τον Υπόνομο CDR
Recorded in Athens, Greece and edited the very same night, this mini album captures perfectly the cold atmosphere of a band being abroad, visiting a studio they've never seen before for just one session and create something that urges to be more free than usual. The concrete trio of France Sauvage (Manuel Duval, Arno Bruil and Johann Mazé) uses modular synthesizers, field recordings, contact mics, chants and numerous junk sources in the direct, in-your-face tradition of France's experimental scene and this album is really close to how these three interact at a non-local show of them: Energetic, raw, adventurous, focused. The english translation of the title is "The Little Girl from the Sewer" and could not be more accurate for the feelings which bloom while listening to this album.
Edition of 60 copies w/ paste-on artwork and and obi strip on heavy cardstock folder.

PHR-109 LOST BODIES - Φιγουρίνι CD
Phase! is proud to release the latest Lost Bodies' statement "Φιγουρίνι", the long awaited new album which will definitely please every LB fan! Almost 80 minutes of the signature avant gags, power punk arena favorites and twisted bastard-folk experiments, including studio versions of gig highlights like "Παρίσι Ντακάρ", "Αξέχαστο", "Γελάστε" and "Ιλισός". Lone kings of the athenian underground for more than 25 years (even though, they delivered some wtf moments through Virgin in the early '00s), Lost Bodies possibly stand as the only example of a pure caricatural sarcasm on Greece's rotten guts through a musically-incorrect quintessence of how political correction should be defined.
Edition of 300 copies w/ full-color artwork.

PHR-108 beaTol & the Eagol - Λάιβ EP 1-sided C60
Compiled material from 4 different concerts, it's a side of pure sample mash-up and a fine example of how a beaTol & the Eagol show sounds like: dizziness in stereo, beat distraction, jingled-up experimental music interconnected to twisted pop haikus. There are so many ideas in there but so is the abstain of persistence!
Edition of 30 copies w/ full-color artwork and spray painted tapes.


TOP-13 releases of 2013

One more time, 13 sick releases which totally ruled the previous year. From the surgical eerie/horror (totally new approach) blend of Big Blood and primitive techno-flirt dirt of H&HS to the unpretentious masterwork of Drygianakis, the concrete emptiness / loneliness of Tarpit (even though this is a late '12 release) and so on, in no particular order: 

BIG BLOOD - Radio Valkyrie +1905 + 1917+ (Feeding Tube)
HENRY & HAZEL SLAUGHTER - Endless Power Cycle (Fedora Corpse)
COSTIS DRYGIANAKIS - Blown into Breeze (self released)
TARPIT - Old News (All Gone)
DIRTY BEACHES - Drifters / Love is the Devil (Zoo Music)
JACCO GARDNER - Cabinet of Curiosities (Excelsior)
FUSILLER / BALINESE BEAST - Split LP (Tanzprocesz)
RUSSIAN TSARLAG - Gagged in Boonesville (Not Not Fun)
THE FLAMING LIPS - The Terror (Bella Union)
MICHAEL ADAMIS - A Selection of Electroacoustic Works (1964-1977) (Rekem / Mafia)
PSYCHIC ILLS - One Track Mind (Sacred Bones)
PRIMITIVE MOTION - Worlds Floating By (Bedroom Suck)


4 new releases (in every popular format) out OCT. 25

PHR-100 BALINESE BEAST / WHAM JAH Split LP (co-released w/ BB)
A long time in the works, we finally drop off a true early 10's Athens underground artifact. Two of the most active Greek bands, Balinese Beast (the cut-up stomp-punch destruction duo of Ilan Manouach and Giorgos Axiotis) and Wham Jah (the free-form rambunctious electrical mayhem of Pavlos Gkousios, Kostadis Michail and Panagiotis Spoulos) deliver two sides of an eye-sparkling platter filled w/ energy, persistence, baffle and soothing noise. Two entirely different approaches, one strong heart endorsing in musical poodle-like affection.
Edition of 300 copies w/ stamped labels, offset covers and offset obi-strips housed in a heavy duty poly sleeve.
18.00 euros ppd EU / 21.00 euros ppd elsewhere

LISTEN >>> http://whamjah.bandcamp.com/album/split-lp
WATCH >>> http://youtu.be/khiMihxuco0

PHR-105 N.213 - Meat Sweats C42
Nic Hughes (of Shearing Pinx and Isolated Now Waves fame) offers his latest homemade analog bouquet, filled with experimentation, twisted pop tunes and soul sucking confessions. Both sides bloom w/ lo-fi noir humid intimacy, groove with multi-instrumentalism freedom and yell that not even the bedroom ceiling is the limit. Let your astral ears explode into void.
Limited edition of 50 copies w/ full color j-cards.
7.00 euros ppd everywhere

LISTEN >>> https://number213.bandcamp.com/album/meat-sweats 

PHR-106 DEAD GUM - Sleepy Town CDR
Blurry, multi-layered, dreamy imagery for a dark city at a summer night which almost looks like a ghost town. Numb emotions and gentle touches guide you to a private wandering where materialism cannot be felt. It's a delirious battle inside your dream warrior head. Drift around without touching the ground, smell the transparent fumes, hear the city's most intimate secret noises, make your very own narrations until the death of night finally comes. It's meant to be listened as one piece at the recommended track order.
Limited edition of 50, packaged in jewel case w/ full color artwork on textured paper.
7.00 euros ppd everywhere

LISTEN >>> http://deadgum.bandcamp.com/album/sleepy-town

PHR-107 BRIAN RURYK - Weird Doods C31
We always listen to new releases from our favorite Canadian destructionist, Brian Ruryk, with awe and impatience. He goes a step forward every time and that always makes you wonder from which direction this ultra violent metal screeching, glass breaking, frequence growl and intergalactic feedback zap will invade your head. Of course, this album is no exception. It sounds like the household explosion in the final sequence of "Zabriskie Point" playing in double speed. Plus more takes of it, reoccurring w/ asynchronously delay repeats causing pile-up crashes and demolition derbys.
Limited edition of 50 w/ full color artwork printed on metallic paper.
7.00 euros ppd everywhere.

LISTEN >>> https://soundcloud.com/phasemag/brian-ruryk-untitled-excerpt 

Available at  PHASEJUNK.COM 



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At Poseidon's Beach

So, it has been a really creative August. I recorded three albums, one of which is Dead Gum's debut studio EP, called "Regain". Harris Zourelidis produced it for Feedback Studio. It has "real" songs i'm playing in live sets from now on! You know, somehow straight-edge tunes with real lyrics. This is the video for EP's closing track "At Poseidon's Beach" starring my good friends Beatol & The Eagol. Guess all these recordings will pop up, eventually.


On Cassettivity

Selected Phase! titles can be purchased from this damn amazing new distro called Cassettivity. This site is all the cassette culture nation always wanted. It even has cassette decks! Thumbs up for the "sort by ease of listening" button!


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