(PHR-91) PUTSUM - Afro Black Metal C60

Three Putsum live performances which took place between late 2011 and early 2012. He proved that Vlad Tepes Dracula was a vegetarian using a caustic reference to reality TV, shouted that Black Metal is not a caucasian-male exclusive benefit, and ressurrected Christ to a fucking zombie, which is something more rational, by the way. The Putsum performances stand between conceptual art, arte povera and punk actionism but the music itself has something else: the unique blended sequence of a madman's mind. You might not get the whole picture, but you are surely getting another view of this great project! Tour only cassette, in an edition of 65 copies w/ screenprinted fold-out j-cards. Limited stock, catch Putsum on the road w/ Bazooka and Gay Anniversary all over Europe this May. Tour dates here.


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