A place to bury rock groups?

When i started this blog, was aware of all the hatred being distributed in the blogsphere and didn't want Phase!mag to be part of it. But then i thought of the above title and it'd be a shame if i hadn't used it.
A Place to Bury Strangers from Brooklyn, NY played tonight in Athens at Rodeo Club. The band was really loud and played great, songs were awesome and the three boys completely shredded. Quite professional set including all the crowd favorites plus loudly harsh moments, all blended well together.
The venue was a drag, though. It was ridiculously crowded, stage was too low and lots -and i mean LOTS- of people couldn't see anything! It also had a couple of block columns in the center of the pit. I don't know, maybe i'm too old for that kind of shit... But wait a minute! On the other hand i can really endorse in packed shows like house shows, basement shows, barn shows or even kitchen shows! Those kinds of shows are thee UNDERGROUND shows. Rodeo shows are NOT UNDERGROUND as they advertise. Not that i didn't know it, an admission fee of 23 euros is NOT UNDERGROUND! For that kind of money people deserve some quality.

Anyway, i'm not bitchin' anymore. APTBS was great! Next time i hope i can catch 'em at Death By Audio or someplace else.

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  1. Right on, man... That awesome first pic?... It's the one I wish I had taken!... Spank B