(PHR-80) SLICING GRANDPA - The Abstracticator CDR

Slicing Grandpa. No fucking joke. They're ripping it harder than anyone else. One of the favorite bands on the house. Garbage grunge collage abstractness at its lo-fiest, away from every trend, away from any hip. They're not old-fashioned, they're slicing-fashioned. Buy at your own risk...
Edition of 60 copies w/ screenprinted covers.

(PHR-79) ARKLIGHT / DEAD GUM split C60

Lens traveling through inner depths of transatlantic mirrorings. Light is never enough to clearly get the whole picture. On two homogeneous sides, two blindfolded cinematic enigmas are the only clue. Dig Sherlock, dig!
Edition of 65 copies w/ screenprinted covers.

(PHR-78) COCKS OF THE DEAD - Blowskull Tape 2 C20

Total ugliness, volume no. 2 in tapes that blow skulls from the mysterious duo. Side A is laptop harshness, side B gtr + piano awkward imrov. Feels like the world came to an end, and that's totally it.
Limited edition of 30 tapes, w/ spraypainted, stamped covers.

(PHR-77) WHAM JAH - Wham Jazz CDR

Guitar + drums electronica jam mayhem from Kostadis Michail (Lost Bodies) + Panagiotis Spoulos (Reverse Mouth). First installment, remixed in audiophile noise by Kostadis. More to come, certainly lots of more to explore + destroy.
Edition of 60 copies, screenprinted covers + spraypainted discs.


TOP-13 of 2010

BIG BLOOD - Dead Songs (Time-Lag)
NAKED ON THE VAGUE - Heaps of Nothing (Siltbreeze)
ANGELS IN AMERICA - Allergic to Latex (Digitalis)
ACID BABY JESUS - s/t CS (self released)
MI AMI - Steal Your Face (Thrill Jockey)
DEERHUNTER - Halcyon Digest (4AD)
SUN ARAW - On Patrol (Not Not Fun)
BAZOOKA - Bazooka EP (self released)
WOMEN - Public Strain (Jagjaguwar)
HORSEHAIR EVERYWHERE - Vol.1 (No Kings Record Co.)
CLIPD BEAKS - To Realize (Lovepump United)
COCONUTS - s/t LP (No Quarter)