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Holy divah

Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P.) tribute night this Friday at Knot by Stylianos Tziritas Unit & Old Fashioned Donkeys. Also, there will be a massive Phase! merch table w/ buy-now-or-never offers.


(PHN-02) WASHING CASPER - Documents (Early Zeros) MP3

Washing Casper was a jam project between members of Postblue and Sweetohm, two highly active underground indie bands of Athens, Greece in the early 00's. The idea was to create instant songs and these recordings are a fine example of how were they doing it. They only played a handful of shows and there hardly is info about this project besides this release. "Documents (Early Zeros)" is a must for all of those who are digging the true underground of this era.

Get it here:


(PHR-74) ARKLIGHT - Caution Tape CDR

Arklight has its own universe. It's very earthly and you actually get this impression by a few little things you can't describe or fully understand. Those things' primitive aura was there (or here?) from the very beginning and had a specific smell and a wide range of buried sounds in specific lower fidelities. In that universe everyone has metallic body, making noise when dancing. And last but not least quality is equal to quantity.
Handpainted cardstocks w/ pasted-on artwork, inserts + yellow CDRs. Edition of 60 copies.

(PHR-73) LUNAR MIASMA - Circle Ray CDR

The cosmic loner project of Panos Alexiadis, Lunar Miasma, has offered great examples of pure black psychedelic drone trips through analog synthesizers under lots of fine labels like Basses Frequencies, Stunned + Insult Recordings. It was time to commit a space debris for Phase!. Floats like astral liquid, sucks you like a green hole. Rays for needles, lunar injections of green miasma.
2-sided color printed covers + spraypainted discs. Numbered edition of 60.

(PHR-72) REVERSE MOUTH - Savage Queen C30

Like a defaced Joan Collins or a crippled Heather Locklear, 4 savage jams made it to tape heaven, a place w/ high pitched guitar feedbacks + parallel irritating obsessions. Intentions are simple, entity is hostile. No one's gonna like it but lots would love to give it a fuck.
Green metallic j-cards + black tapes. Edition of 60 copies.



S&O shreads by Sophia Zoitu & Olivia Efstathiou. Girls will have an expo as part of The Meet Matket at Synch Festival this coming weekend.