More punk than funk

I always felt that way. Credit to the Wipers. It was a damn fine night the last day's night. Once again, the guys at Katarameno Syndromo did it! We all had a blast. Also thanks to homeopathy. Venue's name means 'cursed syndrome' and venue itself is dark humid smokey basement w/ no ventilation and people smoking their guts out. The ideal place for a person w/ Dry Eye Syndrome like i recently became. Fuck yeah, i'm a punk. Against all odds. Whatever doesn't work, doesn't matter. As long as i'm having A GOOD TIME.

Caveman Joe played first. Sweaty. Three-chord early Dwarves style macho punk. A little bit psychy, a bit surfy. Guitarist tried to lit up his chest hair but they were way wet to get lighten up. Drunk rock! The type of rock you play every time like there will be no tomorrow. They fucking ROCKED like that!

The second band was Acid Baby Jesus, another local group. Well, they surely didn't sound like it. And the name itself might not be representative. With a fine blend of 13th Floor Elevators, The Velvet Underground, The Make Up plus some fresher NOW sound of the likes of Golden Triangle, Fungi Girls, The Oh Sees and Sic Alps, hell yeah that was a set! Not too short, not that long. I acted fast enough and purchased a copy of their debut cassette before it sells out. These young guys are quite promising. Amazing songs, great vocals, nice vintage warm sound, plus they know how to party. A baby has just been born. Baptized in acid. Father is God.

Crash Normal's set was the last. Duo of brother/sister from France. Εxemplary performance of what a guitar and keyboard can do, when you have some awesome sharp songs. Highlights were their new single 'Flying to NY' and the 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' cover. They filled the room w/ positive energy. Still whistling their songs, one day later. Go buy their records!!!


  1. indeed it was great night, one i wont forget any time soon. thanks for playing our smokey underground hole and thanks for the review! come back soon!! Lydia (from behind the bar :)