Dead Gum - Doubleganger dttr 031 CD-R

Dead Gum – Doubleganger – dttr 031 CD-R -

Dead Gum is the solo project of Panagiotis Spoulos (other projects of his include: Reverse mouth, Wham Jah, Postblue, and running Phase! Records), from Athens, Greece. This past summer we toured with Dead Gum in Greece and we were blown away every night. Doubleganger is quite a journey, the constant thread seems to be loner style electric guitar that feels like the end of it all … quite, desolate, brutal, noisy, and 100% sincere. Handmade screen printed Art work by Colleen Kinsella (10 songs – 38 minutes)

**Cassette of this one soon

Order here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/88201352/dead-gum-doubleganger-dttr-031-cd-r

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