Guerrilla wizardry

The night ended w/ a police car trying to avoid to step over a carpet placed on the asphalt, just outside Guerrilla Cinematography. They didn't wanna exploit the party. Guess they were feeling awkward.

202Project played first. Minimal programming for the beats + some extras and live guitar + vocals, some synths once in a while. Basement filled w/ joyed division. His songs were cool, but set was a little bit long. He played great, though.

Adam_is made his first ever solo performance, dressed in a jade + gold Mephistopheles costume. The first 30 minutes we (anti)grooved w/ some ambiance loops, some pitch microtouches, some analog patchworks in general. The set took off w/ some high pitch metal zone minimal obsession to be transformed into an urban sewer ritual. Mikes also put on his mask on to finish the set w/ a magic trick. We all witnessed the wizard hands.

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