Intent: mayhem

Getting busy at work + at home. Work really gets all my body fluids, saving the brain ones for the after hours at the shelter. Three fantastic releases will be out next week. One cassette by Reverse Mouth, their first release for 2010 - imagine they had 11 out in just 2007 - called "Savage Queen". Minimal and insistent high frequency guitar feedbacks in maximum audio quality (well, this might be a little lie). The other two come in CDR format. First comes the long-awaited new cosmic audiosphere by Lunar Miasma (the artist formerly known as Red Needled Sea, also of the great Insult Recordings) under the title "Circle Ray", to be followed by Arklight's freshly done prolific avant-dadaist "Caution Tape". Is this a "YEAH" or what?
Been meaning to write some live reviews of shows i've recently been, but that won't happen any time soon. Actually, as days go by the less i remember. One thing to mention now for sure is Bazooka, a band from Athens, Greece and none of the 12 exact matches on Discogs. When i saw them live i totally understood why they picked this name. 2 drumsets, 1 guitar, 3 vocals by 3 young free spirits to blow away every fucking everything. Shared the aspect of doing it right w/ the right pair of balls. Bazooka balls. Go buy their self-released EP (more like an album, actually) or do an even more real thing: GO CHECK THEM LIVE!

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