The prestige

I was walking downtown yesterday morning and a gypsy lady stopped me asking for a cigarette. She gave me a napkin and ordered me to cut it in four separate pieces. That's what i did and then i hided the pieces in my fist. She sort of did some litanies and told me if someone wants my misery i will open my palm and the four pieces will then become one, as the napkin was in the beginning, long before i divide it. I wasn't sure if i've heard the same story before or something similar so i had my eyes on her to spot the key move. All the time. She wasn't wearing any long sleeves nor she did anything unusual.
I opened my hand and the piece was full.

(Michalis made this)

"What kind of world is this?", asked myself. "Even motherfucking supernatural incidents tell me that there is at least one person who wants my misery". I was shocked. And then i decided to fight the world w/ NOISE! So, this is a call for all of you who feel desperate, helpless, deceived, lost, disgusted, fucked to record your hopeless scream (or probably not only) and submit it to the upcoming Phase! Records Net Junk compilation, under the title "An Urgent Cry for a Better World: Not for Hippies". We're not mourning a dead beloved, so please try to keep it short. 2-3 minutes sound ideal.
Mail me your MP3s (320 kbps preferred) to phasemag-at-yahoo---com.

You can make the world better by letting your cry be heard.