(PHR-81) DJ MISTAKES - S/T 1-sided LP

“DJ mistakes are two exercise bicycle driven turntables fabricated and ridden by Casey Farnum and Elliot Hess. This project re-introduces spontaneity into the DJ experience and asks how production and industry have assembled to create a listening experience quite different from the hand-cranked turntables it was initially borne from. With a shrug to the practice of crystallizing performances and their reception through vinyl and the audiophile entertainment- center this project re-introduces human touch into the listening experience. It looks back nostalgically to a time when gears and bicycles were the stuff of aural and physical revolutions. Yet it also seeks a contemporary framework in the DJ era where cutting and mixing revolutionized production making it both unpredictable and live. Bikes, turntables, gongs, a mixer, records, and a microphone all mash in this recording live from the Chicken Hut and 1086 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 2006-7.” Phil Schapp, 2011

Limited numbered edition of 200 copies on 1-sided 12”LP, offset covers on metallic paper + inners.

Here's a wicked DJ Mistakes performance at the University of Iowa:

And here's another one from WFMU:

If you're in Athens, you are encouraged to get your copy + support A Strange Attractor, Kaplanon + Vinyl Microstore record stores.

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