The first 2 releases of 2013

PHR-98 BIG CITY ORCHESTRA - Screaming Meeme CDR New installment by the veteran, surprising supergroup, filled w/ avant chants and lynchian drones. An esoteric thesis on silent screaming and growing isolation through an eroded –but detailed– magnifying glass. The staff on this release was Ninah Pixie, Cliff Neighbors, Rosie Langabeer, Jonathan Segel, Univac, Daevid Allen, Melissa Margolis and Das. Edition of 65 copies w/ glued color artwork on lime cardstock and stenciled discs.

PHR-99 REVERSE MOUTH w/ BRIAN OSBORNE - Jacko Blues C60 Recorded in Brooklyn, New York in 2009, the day Michael Jackson died, Reverse Mouth shreds along w/ free-form percussionist and long time bro, Brian Osborne (Heat Retention Records, member of Blastocyst, George Steeltoe Ensemble and The Gate Trio w/ Dan Peck, among others). Somewhere between Harry Pussy, cripple prog, punk ra + nihilism, this is a fine example of no future basement noise. Edition of 40 spraypainted tapes housed in cardstock wrap-around covers.


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